What's a Baby Pool?

A baby pool is a game where your family, friends, co-workers or anyone you want to guess on the upcoming birth of your new child. Each person guesses on the gender, length, weight and of course, the birthday of your new child! Whoever's guess is closest on all of the categories wins the game. Also known as a: "baby due date pool", "pregnancy pool", "baby delivery date pool", or a "baby gender pool".

How does someone win?

Each guess is scored as follows with no penalty for "going over":

  • 5 points per day off.
  • 5 points per ounce off.
  • 10 points per inch off.
  • 1 points per hour off (optional).
  • 400 points if the gender. You better get this 50/50 chance right! And check to see if the expecting parents already know the gender!
  • No identical guesses are allowed!

Why should I use Guessyourbaby.com?

We take away the hassle of setting up baby pools so anyone can participate whether they are near or far. With our baby pool manager, you can share the baby pool with whomever you want. You have full control over all guesses entered into the pool and you can even limit who's allowed to guess to only those you invite. Your baby pool will get its own easy to use page that anyone can access with a unique link.

How much does this cost?

Free! Gratis! No cost to you!

How do I get people to play?

After you register and create a game, you will be given a game link that you can pass along to anyone you want. Anyone with that link will be able to make a guess. You can also invite people from the game page if you want us to send an email for you.

What happens after someone guesses?

You can decide to hide or show guesses on the pool page before the guessing period is over, that's up to you! Hiding guesses can make the game more challenging. People who guess later might have small advantage if they can see what everyone else thinks. Once the guess deadline has past, all guesses are shown.

Can I do this at the baby shower?

Of course! We give you a nice paper and pen form that people can fill out. We've found that using a pen and paper game sheet at the baby shower is the best way to get everyone really excited. After you collect the game sheets, you can enter the guesses in manually.

Do people do this for money?

Nothing spicens up a pool like a little money! People have been known collect money for each guess that's up to you. We don't get involved with anything that has to do with money! Here are some ideas how what you can do with the prize pool:

  • Give it all to the parents as a gift.
  • Give half the pot to the winner and half to the parents as a gift.
  • Give it all to the winner! Yeah baby!
  • Make guess payment optional with only the paid guesses eligible to win the prize. People who guess for free just get a pat on the back!
  • The winner uses the money to take the parent's out to a nice dinner or something else.

Where can I found out more?

See our write-up on Squidoo and HubPages